Frequently Asked Questions About “Heath Up Capsule”

When we buy a product from the market, there are a lot of questions about the product in the mind. Here At Health Up, we have tried to answer a few of the queries of our customers.

What is the health Up Capsule?

Health up capsule is an Ayurvedic medicine. It is designed to help individuals with weight gain and strong immunity.

What is the right age to start a health up capsule ?

Health up capsule can be initiated at the age of 13 years but there is no upper age limit for health up capsule.

What are the side effects of health up capsule?

Original health up capsule doesn’t have any side effect as it is an ayurvedic preparation but misbranded health up capsule have many side effects on the skin and liver.

What is the Course duration for the health up capsule?

The Course duration for Health Up Capsule is 90 days, but if you contact our national customer care number i.e. 7352355555, you will be better guided for the course.

Do health up capsule help in weight gain?

Yes, health up capsule is specially designed for weight gain.

Can I start a health-up capsule course for body detoxing?

yes, it is very beneficial in body detoxing also.

If I discontinue health up the capsule, do I become ill?

Once you stop health up capsule there is no side effect.

What is the composition of health up capsule?

100% Ayurvedic ! Twak(Dalchini)-50mg, Mandoor Bhasm-15mg, Safed Moosli-50mg, Bhrangraj-25mg, Guduchi Satva-25mg, Jaatifal-25mg, Aswagandha-50mg, Shudh Kupilu-20mg, Shudh Shilajeet-50mg, Trifla-75mg, Vidhara-25mg, Akarkara-25mg, Praval Pisti-12.5mg, Konch Beej-15mg and Beej kand-25mg

Is there any chemical in health- up capsule?

Health up capsules is chemical-free as it is an ayurvedic medicine.

How to consume health up capsule at home?

Health up capsule can be consumed with warm water after food intake.

Can I Buy health- up capsule from the company directly?

yes, the company can help you with home delivery

How can I know health up capsule available in my area or not?

You can call the customer no to know whether your area pin code is serviceable or not.

How to differentiate between original and duplicate health up product?

Original heath has a registered trademark symbol issued by registered trademark authority, govt. of India and the packaging have six members’ family frame photographs

Where does original health up capsules are manufactured?

The original heath up capsule is manufactured at Sonepat, Haryana.

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