Trifla-A Immunity Booster

Health up capsule is an Ayurvedic preparation. It consists of 16 natural herbs. All the herbs are unique and play an important role to maintain body weight and immunity. One of the herbs of the health-up capsule is very popular in the ancient science of Ayurveda. It is a cure for many lifestyle disorders like diabetes, Blood pressure, vision loss, hair and skin treatments. Yes, I am talking about Trifla, the mixture of three medicinal herbs- Amla, Bibhitaki & Haritaki . Each sub herb has different importance in body immunity boost.
Amla (Gooseberries) is a rich source of vitamin c. It is used in every Indian household for pickles and murabbas. It is sore and sharp in taste. Its antioxidant properties guard us against deadly disease like cancer. Amla prevents us from many diseases and promotes good health. Apart from medicinal values it also has spiritual value in Indian epics. Health up capsule has all the natural properties of amla to detox our body immunity.
Bibhitaki is also a part of trifla. it guards us against bacterial and viral infection. If you have any flu-related issues you can start taking bibhitaki for a cure. All though it is tough to find original bibhitaki in the market but trifla is available in different packing. It also works for diabetes. It enhances the function of the pancreas and helps in blood sugar dysregulation. It also controls the uric acid level in the human body. We know that blood sugar dysregulation and uric acid reduction is very important for healthy living. Diabetes is such a disease that slowly and gradually reduces appetite in the human body and makes prone to many diseases and if the waste of the body will not be thrown out timely it will also make us ill. This herb is really important for healthy living
And the last constituent of trifla known as Haritaki. It is a small green fruit. It works well for a healthy digestive tract. Nowadays a half of the population is suffering from constipation related disorders and eating a lot of medicines for the cure. Fast food culture and unhealthy eating habit are really killing us. If Indian science has a cure than we must take the benefit of it.
Health up capsule has the right amount of trifla to shield us from all disease. While preparing this medicine we have thoroughly researched the outcome of each herb and after understanding the benefits of these herbs, health up has been designed. today’s lifestyle and eating habits are creating 90% of the diseases. If we eat healthily and include herbs in our diet, life can become easier and more relaxed. If you want to know more about health up herbs feel free to write to us at

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