Shudh Shiljeet: Blessing Of Nature

Shudh Shilajeet is a very popular ayurvedic herb. It has properties of a rock and gum. These two elements have a presence of fulvic acid, which acts as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compound. Shilajeet is a natural resource, developed over the years through the decomposition of dead plants and organic materials. It is found around the rocks of Himalayas and western Ghats. Once Shudh shilajit is found, it goes through the extraction process. After removing the impurities, it is prepared for medical purposes. Shudh Shilajeet is costly as compared to other varieties of Shilajeet. Health up capsules dedicatedly use 50 mg Sudh Shilajeet for the benefits of its consumers.

Benefits of Sudh Shilajeet:

Enhances Testosterone Level in Men

Shudh Shilajeet is widely used in various parts of India by ayurvedic practitioners for male fertility enhancement. It provides good result for sperm count and other male reproductive health related problems. It has been shown in many Medical journals that shilajeet is a very safe dietary supplement. It is equally beneficial for men and women. If you are planning to start the consumption of shilajeet, don’t worry that what if I stop the consumption. It will not have any side-effect. Nevertheless, you have to ensure the minimum quantity consumption daily i.e 50mg. Health up capsule has the right quantity of Shudh Shilajeet. If you are not able to find the pure extract, you can get benefited with health up capsules. 

Chronic fatigue

Everyday we do a lot of household chores and get fatigued. Slowly and gradually it increases and we start feeling ill. Although we supplement ourselves with a lot of health supplements, results are not achieved. Shudh Shilajeet has been used for rejuvenation for more than centuries. It gives freshness and new energy to cells and we start feeling energetic. If you are going through chronic fatigue syndrome try shudh shilajeet and get a new life with its results. 


 Modern lifestyle and increased pollution have resulted in a variety of viral diseases. Every day news papers are filled with new viral infection diseases and its symptoms. It is affecting us and creating psychological pressure to get rid of it. Immunity enhancement is the only option that we can opt against such situations. Medical science is preparing vaccines for it but Ayurveda has more effective herbs to combat it. Shudh Shilajeet is very effective in fighting viral infections. You can also try health up capsules for better results as it has a composition of 16 pure herbs.

Increases Cell Count

Our body is made up of red blood cells and white blood cells. Shudh Shilajeet increases the presence of haemoglobin in the human body and guards our cells as a result we feel more energy. It prevents cellular damage due to oxidation and keeps a check on blood pressure.

Blesses longevity

Free radicals and cellular damage are two key factors of ageing. Shudh Shilajeet helps in slowing the process of aging. It guards us with basic body requirements and keeps providing strength to perform tasks. Its antioxidant property makes it special for ageing people as they get benefited with memory power and wrinkle free skin.

Health Up capsules have a right mix of Shudh Shilajeet along with other essential herbs for life.  If planning a new health supplement for strength and weight gain give health up a try and get blessed with a healthy life. If any query feel free to write to us at

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