Tawak: A Health Enhancer

Since our childhood days we are aware of our kitchen home remedies, all the spices which we consume in our food are always the best protectors of our health. whether it’s turmeric or cumin seeds they all have some or the other benefits associated with them. One of the delicious and effective spices is twak.

Twak is used in our Home Kitchen for years. Twak is a sanskrit word for dalchini. This spice is grown in tamil nadu and karnataka on a large scale. our kitchen recipes are incomplete without Twak. Do you know apart from being a part of spices, dalchini also has therapeutic value? It is best weight enhancer and immunity booster. This is the reason health up has added twak in health up capsule composition. Twak antioxidant properties fight against high cholesterol levels and provide a healthy heart.

Some of the benefits of Dalchini:

  1. Fight Against Cancer
    Dalchini is very effective in prevention and treatment of cancer. In many scientific journals scientists have written about bioactive compounds present in dalchini that acts against cancer. To keep this disease at bay we must consume dalchini in a very minute quantity. Access to dalchini is not good for health. In our health up capsule we have used 50mg dalchini that is enough to keep you away from such deadly diseases.
    Dalchini also helps in activating enzymes in the colon that detoxify the body and helps in prevention against cancer.

  1. Keeps the heart healthy
    Dalchini is good for the heart. 50mg of dalchini daily lowers the levels of bad cholesterol and enhances the good cholesterol to make the heart healthy. It also ensures smooth passes of blood and keeps the blood pressure casualties at bay. Increased blood pressure is a deadly situation in which we are at a risk of brain ham rage and heart attack. Such a situation is making the family burdened mentally and physically. Try a Health up capsule which has enough of dalchini that can guard you against such situations.
  2.  Provides smooth Skin
    Skin is a very important part of our body. Male and female both want healthy skin. Market is flooded with skin creams that promise many benefits. Our skin changes as per weather. In summer our skin is oily and dull and in winters it becomes dry and rough. we keep trying many items to have a smooth body but results don’t come often.
    The Health Up capsule has 50 mg dalchini that is enough for healthy skin. It will keep pimples, cuts, wounds and rough feet healthy. Dalchini herb of a health-up capsule has antibacterial and antimicrobial property that helps in keeping the skin healthy.
  3. Immunity Booster
    Dalchini is an important immunity Booster. Good Immunity makes our antibodies strong and keeps us healthy. Every day we meet 100- 200 people in our life. We never know the medical history of a person and get infected due to weak immunity. Weak immune system makes us prone to many diseases. Once a disease starts attacking, slowly and gradually our life becomes tough and painful.
    Nature has provided us with holy herbs like dalchini, we must start its consumption in minimum quantity to keep our immune system healthy and strong. health up capsule understands our daily requirements and how to keep us safe and healthy. if you have not started your health up programme to put a healthy weight gain then start now. For more information write us at info@cloudsmpharmaz.com

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